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Re-Kenshin Photobook

Just received this from subtleprescence,it is beautiful and absolutely perfect!!!!Now waiting to get the Nemurai Photobook from her,the perfect pair!!!


Sep. 20th, 2011 12:46 pm (UTC)
I shall miss Subtlepresence too,she gave me her email address so I can keep in touch,I could ask her if I could pass it on to you,as you say there are not many of us Brit fans about! I've been lucky not had any bad things happen to me in the fandom but have heard of instances! Can't understand it myself as we all adore the same man and his music!My Nemurai book has just arrived and it is truly beautiful,but Kenshin one is just divine nothing will beat that!
I am back at college two days a week again but this time I'm struggling,too many new people about and new tutors!!! seem to be going backwards at present but hope to turn around again with help from meds and close friends and family!I can understand the new students gawping at the dreaming spires!!Oxford is a beautiful city from what I've seen in pics etc.maybe one day I will be able to admire it in person!Take care my Dear<3
Sep. 20th, 2011 02:09 pm (UTC)
Oh good luck with all those new faces and names and roles etc at College. Hopefully, you'll be able to concentrate on what you actually need to do and can chew off a little bit at a time. You seem very capable to me so I'm confident you won't be "going backwards" for long; it's probably just a feeling and not real at all so keep going!

Ah, thanks for the offer re subtlepresence's email. I do have her email because I've known her for nearly three years; that's what makes it so hard when she says that she doesn't want contact (so I won't use her email - expect for a Christmas greeting perhaps). It seems as though she's suffered from the bad side of the fandom without taking advantage of the support and genuine affection of all the lovely fans that we know are among us.

Yes, Oxford IS a beautiful city - even after a nice holiday, it is always a treat to come back here, arriving over the elegant Magdalen Bridge with its view of the curved High Street and Carfax Tower at the top of the street. If you ever want to PM me your address, I'll happily send you a postcard!

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