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My Life and GACKT

26 April 1951
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Mature GACKT fan.Like Asian things.Love to travel given half a chance.Been to Egypt on a Nile cruise,Thailand,Sri Lanka, Goa,Rhodes and Gran Canaria.Lived in Gibralter for 18 months back in 1981.Married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren but still very young at heart.My children say I'm going through my second childhood and it's great!!Now seperated so living alone!Also love J.Rock,Korean pop,Taiwanese,Chinese and Singaporean music it's all great so much better than English music at the moment.I love their musical languages even though I don't understand them,I'm always grateful to all the people out there that translate all of the songs films and interviews it opens up a whole new world!!!My favourite saying is "Live as if you were to die tomorrow,Feel as if you were to be reborn now,Face as if you were to live forever" from Redemption by Camui GACKT !!!
an obsessed gackt fan, bones, buck tick, csi new york, d.b.s.k, greys anatomy, j.rock and k.pop, james rollins, jj.lin, listening to music gackt, matthew reilly books, reading, super junior, the mentalist, travel, vamps, wang leehom, watching dvds music concerts, x.japan